Dr.med.vet Susanna Käppeli

Tierärztin Susanna Käppeli

Clinic owner / veterinarian

Susanna Käppeli loves her proffesion and therefore constant further training has a high prority. She is not only there for her clinical patients, but also involved in the animal welfare organization NetAP to help animals without an owner or chance of medical treatment. On a regular bases, she does castration campaigns in Switzerland and abroad. Besides performing suergeries, she also trains younger collegues. Dr. Käppeli lived several years in foreign countries and speaks multiple languages fluently.
Also besides her profession, Dr Käppeli loves the challenge. She is a passionate sports athlete and stays fit running marathons , paragliding or kitesurfing. Her open minded and positive ways of live are appreciated by her fellows.

Dr.med.vet Andreas Löhrer

Veterinarian small animals and horses

Andreas Löhrer was the founder of the Tierklinik Interlaken together with Dr. Staehelin. He grew up in a family of veterinarians and has a passion for his profession since over 30 years. We are happy that we can still count on his large experience even after the takeover of Susanna Kaeppeli.

He is a dog breeder and owner of the horse stall Rotache in Oppligen and also takes care of our horse clients. Privat he enjoys of course horseback riding and being with his dogs.

Dr.med.vet Bernhard Staehelin

Veterinarian small animals / Neural therapy

Dr. Bernhard Staehelin was the founder oft he Tierklinik Interlaken together with Dr. Andreas Loehrer. After the takeover of Dr. Kaeppeli, we are very happy that Dr Staehelin still practice in our clinic and we can count on his large experience. He supports our clients in the classic veterinary medicine but also in neural therapy where Dr. Staehelin does continueous further training. His kind sense for animals and humans and calm way of handling even with the most difficult tasks. Since many years he is involved in animal protection missions in Switzerland and foreign countries fort he organization NetAP.

When not helping animals, Dr. Staehelin has many interests liek art, sailing, politics or music.

Tamara Lustenberger

Leading veterinary nurse / management

Tamara Lustenberger is our head veterinary nurse and takes over many administative tasks in our clinic. She also is responsable fort he education of out learning vet nurses and soon has a diploma also in accountance. This without neglecting our four legged patients.

In her spare time Tamara Lustenenberger loves to spend time on the back of a horse or with her dog Ely. She is also involved in animal protection campaigns at home country and abroad.

Brigitte Signer

Veterinary Nurse

In our clinic, Brigitte Signer is an allrounder. She not only supports the vets in their work, but also takes care that the clinic is always clean and tidy or advises clients about our nutrition sortiment. She is a big animal lover and offers a home to many different animals like chicken, ducks, turtles, a dog or cats.


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